BBL: This batsman is run out twice on the same ball! You will be shocked to know

Sometimes in cricket, it happens that you cannot even think about. Would you have thought that a batsman was run out twice on the same ball?

Yes, this has been seen in the Big Bash League T20 tournament being played in Australia. The same has happened to Jake Vedrald in the match played between the Adelaide Strikers and Sydney Thunders. You will not be able to stop laughing after watching this.

When Adelaide Strikers batsman Phillip Salt hit Sydney Thunders’s bowler Chris Green for a ball, Green’s hands touched the stumps. Non-striker Jake Vetheld was out of the crease at the end. He was run out by this. He was unable to reach the crease on time even when Jake Vedarald ran for a run on the same ball and he was run out for the second time. The Adelaide Strikers won the match against Sydney Thunders by six runs.

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