Gurugram: Legislators did not appear in the Corona era, now they will give 25 lakh reward to government employees

Independent candidate Rakesh Daulatabad, who claimed to serve him among the public before the election, was chosen by the public with the hope that he would be able to stand in his service. This expectation of the public was dashed during the Corona period. People were dying of hunger, but the MLA was not worried, but now the MLA has come up with a plan for those who do good work. In this, they will give a reward of 25 lakh rupees to better employees.

Badshahpur MLA Rakesh Daulatabad made this announcement after a press conference at PWD rest house here on Tuesday. With this announcement, questions were raised on him that he had no plans for the starving people in the Corona era. The way Gurugram MLA Sudhir Singla worked in public through regular lockdown, 5 percent of the work was not done by Badshahpur MLA Rakesh Daulatabad. About half of Gurugram city also comes under Badshahpur assembly constituency. But he did not bother to do any work on his behalf anywhere. He has made his presence known by publishing news in the media a few times.

Now they suddenly come out and bring a scheme for government employees. He said that he has created a system in which the public will give a rating based on the service of government employees. Currently, he has included employees of government departments related to electricity, roads and water in this race. They will announce separately for other departments.

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