Zaira Wasim came back on Twitter and Instagram, did not delete post a controversial, said …

Recently, Zaira Wasim deleted his Twitter and Instagram account. In fact, he wrote about a locust that came to India via Pakistan through a contra Twitter Twitter handle, after which people called him bad on social media. They were very angry. Zaira had compared the attack of locusts in the tweet to the havoc of God, which people started criticizing. Later, Zaira deleted her account with a tweet while looking at the trollers.

Zaira has made a comeback on social media after a day. He said that I had temporarily stopped my social media. Zaira has also given a reply to a consumer, explaining why he left social media for a day. She writes that because I am a human being, like the rest, who has the right to take a break from everything. Then, when the noise in and around the brain increases too much.

Let me tell you that people trolled him on the controver tweet made by Zaira Wasim. One consumer wrote that when millions of farmers are upset due to these locusts and their crop is being wasted, then what is the meaning of this tweet in their time? Some users even said that using Twitter in Islam is also forbidden, so they should leave Twitter. A consumer also said that, she can be fanatical but do not show so much hatred for the farmers distressed by the attack of locusts.

Let me tell you that during the Corona period, a group of locusts from Pakistan has also become a big problem for the farmers of India. It has been attacked in 6 states of the country. The attack of locusts has made many hectares of crop useless so far. However, the government has issued orders to prevent its outbreak.

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